Self-Compacted Concrete

Self Compacted Concrete

Self Compacting Concrete

This special concrete is characterised by its high resistivity to segregation. This means that the Self Compacting Concrete does not require much compaction while casting. Its free flowing ability is unique in itself and ensures that every nook and corner of the framework is easily filled.


• Enables better progress leading to faster completion   of projects
• Surface finish is smooth and devoid of honeycombs
Self Compacting Concrete requires lesser   manpower
• Causes no harm to the environment
• Complex structures can be easily designed
• Does away with the need of plastering ceilings and   columns


• RCC members with reinforcements which are heavy   and congested
• Complex designs and shapes of RCC
• RCC structures in need of immediate renewal,   restoration or repair
• Columns, Footings, Raft and Pile Foundations,   Retaining Walls etc.