High Density Concrete

High Strength Concrete

High Strength Concrete

With the construction industry on the verge of experiencing a vertical direction boom, there is a huge scarcity of land as against the demands of an ever-growing population especially in metros and other cities which are undergoing accelerated development. Thus the existing infrastructure is reeling under immense pressure. This is where the use of High Strength Concrete becomes mandatory.

The mixing of specific proportions of the ready mix concrete had best be left to your supplier even if you know the basics. Knowing the basics will enable you to help the supplier in case he makes a mistake. Suppliers who are already established and have a thorough knowledge of both light weight concrete and High Strength Concrete are even able to alter the mix of the ingredients of ready mixed concrete, based on your requirements. These slight changes done basis the feedback received go a long way in enhancing the performance of these ready mixed concrete.


• Concrete with very high strength and density
• Water to binder ratio is quite low
• Facilitation of faster construction enabled by its high early strength
• Elastic modulus along with lower creep are increased considerably
• Availability of floor space also increases
• Durability is pretty high


• In High Rise Buildings especially the RCC beams   and columns used
• Structural elements which are precast
• RCC and Precast Concrete Girders and Long span   Beams
• Structures used in Marines
• Requirement of concrete with high performance   and longer design service life