water resistant concrete

colour stamped concrete

Colour Stamped Concrete

Normally grey cement is used to make concrete but it does not give architects much flexibility to enable them to implement a variety of designs and treatment to the different parts of the building. Colour stamped concrete on the other hand is malleable and can be easily moulded to conform the many different concepts, themes and ideas.



• Enhances the aesthetics and adds richness and   colour to the designs
• Sets no limits on the creativity and vision of the   architects
• Low maintenance with easy availability
• Good range of colour options available each with a   durable surface
• Installation of Colour stamped concrete is fast and   easy


• Paths and lanes of buildings like IT Parks, Malls,   Hotels, Factories, Hospitals, etc.
• Concrete surface for high traffic places like   Basements, Parking areas etc.
• Artistically made Precast Panels and other products
• Walkways and pathways of Entertainment Parks   and Gardens