Our Projects



Multi-Storeyed Apartments

Shaila Enterprises superior RMC is tailor mixed for use in multi-storeyed apartments. Along with in-house manufacturing we also have the delivery expertise in the form of vehicles and equipments for fast transport and lifting concrete mix to any height with the use of high capacity powerful concrete pumps.



Farmhouses built on sprawling acreages can be vulnerable to water ingress both from below and from above. Shaila Enterprises understands the issues involved and offers a super RMC mix with structural strength as well as damp ingress protection to keep your farmhouses. protected and safeguarded for decades.


residential villas

High quality, luxury residential villas need a special formulation of ready mixed concrete in that it should be structurally sound, retain integrity for decades, never crack or chip off and be water proof as well. Shaila offers a special formulation of RMC for use in residential villas with a mix for roof and floor, another for pillars and yet another for walls.


Commercial Project

Concrete is utilized almost everywhere in commercial construction projects these days. From pouring foundations to sidewalks to parking lots, walkways, retaining walls, restaurant patios, pool decks and more.If you need a high quality, reliable concrete construction contractor to work on your next commercial project