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  • One size does not fit all and one formulation does not suit all Shailaions. Shaila customizes RMC formulations keeping in mind the end use and a client’s budget.
  • Only Shaila has quality mechanisms and the equipments as well as personnel to assure 100% quality and consistency from one batch to another.
  • We process high volumes, buy in bulk and pass on savings to customers, making our RMC the most affordable yet prized for its quality.
  • High volume, assured quality deliveries in time are our hallmarks.
  • We care for our clients and have core ethical values of honesty, transparency, excellence and perfection in everything we do.
  • Only Shaila delivers high strength concrete, self-leveling concrete, self-compacting concrete, early strength concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, high performance concrete and colored concrete as well as formulations made with binary blends of cements for superior qualities.