What is RMC?

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RMC was first formulated in Germany from where it spread to other parts of the world. RMC stands for ready mix concrete manufactured in a batching plant in a factory and then delivered to the Shailaion site in special purpose transit vehicles. Concrete mix comprises of the following parts:

  Portland Cement

  Broken granite or hard limestone in various sizes

  Coarse sand

  Additives to impart specific properties, such as plasticizers, retarders and waterproofing agents

Proportions are finely controlled keeping in mind end purposes. Water plays a crucial role in the final properties of the set concrete and duration of mixing is just as important.


As opposed to onsite batching in which the ingredients are simply mixed without precise measurements, RMC made in factory offers consistency and high quality because equipments are computer controlled with sensors to measure various parameters such as amounts of each component, amount of water and duration of mixing. The concrete mix is then loaded into transit vehicles where the container is kept rotating at a speed of about six revolutions per minute to prevent it from setting. Due to precise controls and assurance of timely supplies in bulk RMC is the better option when it comes to laying concrete slabs, foundations, roofs, bridges and dams.


  Better quality concrete is produced.

  Elimination of storage space for basic materials at site.

  Elimination of Hiring plant and machinery.

  Wastage of basic materials is avoided.

  Labour associated with production of concrete is eliminated.

  Time required is greatly reduced.

  Noise and dust pollution at site is reduced.

  No wastage at site.

  Environment friendly.

  Uniform Mix is achieved.